Follow Simple steps to rank better on search engines, Well before starting anything always keep three things in mind.

What you need to rank?

 What product/service will reach you there?

 Why actually your visitors need to visit your website?

Answer the above questions before starting the below steps.

#1 Content

Writing content to your attract visitors is the most important part. Now every mind has the same question as “How can I write content which attracts visitors”. Never think of getting the visitor before you start anything. First make sure you write the content of your product or the topic you made up in your mind. Then adding keywords to content is the simple task. Never ever write the content according to Keywords, it’s something like making coffee with tea powder.

#2 Keyword Research

Analyzing the keyword which are suitable for content has to be tracked down first. We have many tools which provide keywords to content we write. But how sure you are that keyword chosen is best to target. So my suggestion forget about the keyword which any tool suggests, use your own tool that is your mind. Write down the words you choose to be search for the content you write.

For Example:
You have written a content for a digital marketing agency.

What keywords do you think are better to attract visitors?
Other tool suggestions are Digital marketing, Digital marketing agency, digital marketing company, SEO Company, SEO Agency.

If you are choosing above keywords for you content to attract more visitors through search engine then it would be something like pouring hot soup on your own body just for feeling yourself warm.

If you need costumers, think in all the ways possible to gain more market like add something to keyword which is more appropriate to business location, business nature or content target for age, sex.


Digital marketing agency Hyderabad, Digital Marketing agency India (If you could pour more money through PPC then you can achieve more) SEO Company in Hyderabad, Health tips for Old age, Health tips for females & so on.

After selecting the keyword, just visit Google Adwords Keyword Suggestion Tool. Here you can find the competition, approx. visitor’s average, and competition bids. So you can choose the final keyword and add to content accordingly.

#3 On-Page Optimization

Page Title
The page titles are the most important part in On Page Optimization. As it the main link shown in every Search Engine Results page. How to write Page title in effective way? Make sure you need to add Keywords of the Page in the Title. Either using your company name you can use keywords which can attract more users.

Meta Tags
Meta tags can be divided in different ways for Meta keywords, Meta descriptions, Meta tag for ROBOTS, Meta tag for Social websites. This Meta add an important place to include relevant keywords for your content.

Header Tags
Content Is the King for every website, but we need to know how to break it in to sections with more feasibility to read and adding headings to the section.

<h1> to <h6> are mentioned as the best way to use heading in HTML as the result Search Engines will understand that <h1> to <h6> are the main heading of the content. Using keywords in heading tags are more effective.

Internal Linking
Footer has come into more usage as SEO was in starting stages. Many used footer just to add copyrights, privacy policy, terms & conditions links in footer which is not useful content for any user. Adding the sitemap in the footer can Inter Link to all the pages. As we have all pages the Inter Linked within Page search engines understand the similar or other links of your website.

#4 Off-Page Optimization

Link Building
All you need is to grow backlinks, there are many ways to get the backlinks from different website categories like Social Media, Directories, Social Bookmarking sites, Article Submission sites, Forum Posting, and many more. Make sure you won’t do much reciprocal linking, Buying backlinks, or don’t get into any fraud websites which say will provide more number of backlinks within time.

Having a look of your competitors backlinks is also important in Link Building.

Hope you have found some important techniques in SEO for increasing traffic to your websites. Thank you we will also update more advance level for SEO.

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