Every once in a while, makes everyone stop and think of a website that pushes the boundaries of what is possible on the web. We all know while seeing a website whether its award winning or just inspired from any other website.

Let us know what it needs to design a website to be stunning, creative and bravura performance. Surprisingly, many organizations like to highlight colors, content and basically start working before any thought about what they need to create. But is it not the correct way to represent a beautiful website.

Establish a Goal

Think and write every idea of what you need to represent in you website. Make a clear goal what you think before you have any visitor to your website.

Make sure that your goal is defining and solving your problems, to be precise your thoughts and goal are parallel.

Sketch on Paper

Create a checklist of your goal, start sketching it on the paper as it is a scratch work don’t worry about your handy artistic work. Whether it is good or bad always try to do it on Paper first before creating any wire-frames in PC.

Paper work stimulates your brain and inspires you to reach your goal. Sketch everything thing on paper it may be navigation, framework, wire-frames and any other designing section

Design in Grid

Create a grid for all the screen size, which is very important. Now put some of your paper work into the grids, you will know how to manage your design in every screen size which will make the 2nd step more successful.

Almost complete the layout using grids in all the screen sizes.

Now you will have a clear objective of your goal, you may feel some changes which you have done in your paper work. Make sure your goal skeleton is ready.


Before choosing any color for your website always remember to choose your typefaces first. While doing your paper sketch you would definitely try to do some artwork of your logo, titles or any other font which may be like Brush Scripts or Calligraphy try to search the same fonts in Google Fonts or any other best resource. Make sure fonts you choose are easy to read.

Don’t worry trying different options, as different font for title and content, using big fonts or big size, don’t hesitate and keep your goal in mind.

Color Combination

Here comes the major part. Your typography maybe in default color before but while choosing the color combination you should change the font colors according to the background colors you choose. Colors for your  website may be multiple but always keep in mind to choose a major color which will represent the brand of the  website. 

Always see how big guys like facebook, Google, Twitter, Vimeo play with colors, they always use the color as they brand. If you get stuck and need best colors for your website use colors.adobe.com different options in Color Combinations. And very important is to choose the images which are very compatible with your color combinations.

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