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At Keyep IT solutions we are ready to increase the amount of traffic you get from your Mobile Apps through iOS market as well as Android Market. The world knows that mobile usage is the future. So instead of rehashing the continued growth of mobile, let’s talk about getting apps done.

Keyep IT Solutions as Mobile development company in Hyderabad, India – has gained much impetus with the kind of quality services it offers. Keyep IT Solutions specializes in Android platform development and is a leading Android app development company in Hyderabad.

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If you’re beginning to investigate apps for your company, there are two important first steps to set yourself up for success:

Organize your business case and requirements, and arm yourself with our technical app development team. We’ll cover the complete process below.

Here are the Two Important Steps (you need to know which one you are Selecting) :

Native App Development

Hands down, developing natively will always yield the fastest, most optimized, operating system-specific performance and user experience.

  • iOS – Objective C is the core language, using Xcode, which is the native development environment for iOS. Apple’s User Interface Libraries are assembled to provide the touch-screen interface.
  • Android – For Android, Java is the main programming language. There are more development environment options for Android than for iOS, and Eclipse is probably the most widely used and trusted.
  • Windows Phone – Windows offers even more development language and environment options than Android. With windows, programmers can leverage of XAMARIN, C#, VB, HTML, CSS3 and JavaScript.

Web App Development

When our clients think of apps, they usually think “mobile,” rather than “web.” But in some cases, after evaluating the business case for the app, we find that a web-based app presents the best option. A web app is essentially a web-based, use-case specific digital tool. When designed responsively, a web app can serve mobile users just as well as a native app.

The Process Overflow:

Business Goals– Describe the business goal(s) your Mobile App to achieve. The more you describe is the best thing we can do.

Please answer these Questions:

Sell profitably in app stores?

Sell profitably via in-app purchases?

Drive revenue via advertising?

Provide deeper brand engagement with your customers?

Perform enterprise-level operations functions?

Define Your Users

When considering the end user, there is a lot to account for. Who is the end user(s), and what do you want them to do with the app? Do a little digging (actually, a lot if you can) to see what mobile devices your audiences are using. Google Analytics and even insights surveys can help you evaluate this important data set. Just as important, don’t forget an often ignored-until-it’s-too-late-user, your back-end administrators. Consider who will be managing the app’s content and administration in the long-run.

Outline Your Features

The final features requirements will be scoped following a formal discovery & scoping phase with your digital partner. That said, it’s important to try and outline features, functionalities and user interface requirements that you know you need to include up front. It always helps to benchmark your features wish list against other apps that do the same thing well.

Identify Your Data Integration

This is really important. If you need your app to tie into a CRM system, pull in weather data, access a proprietary database, process payment—anything that requires communication with something outside of the app itself—detail how and why you need that communication to take place. As a bonus step, investigate whether or not an API exists for that outside data source.

The digital partners you evaluate will certainly have lots of questions even after you’ve outline the above details. But having this information ready is a vitally important internal process to help you evaluate if your company really needs to invest in a new app, and to identify the very best digital partner for the project.

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